Pressmaster Audio
Music got us here
The heart behind Pressmaster Studio is simply to bring together a few passionate individuals, creating a subsequent culture where music is our common thread.

Nowadays Pressmaster is a highly successful multimedia production that has been operating on the microstock market since 2011. Together with the leading Russian professionals in the music industry, we have created audio studio that produce and successfully distribute content to world-famous media corporations and advertising agencies.

What are we doing?
We were started out life as a library music production. Tracks from our portfolio on Audiojungle were downloaded more than 300 thousand times.Over the past seven years we've morphed into a new breed of music company.

We also taking orders from businesses now.Our work focuses on developing distinctive and unique sound identities for application in corporate culture and brand communication. The services we offer include, but are not limited to professional audio: jingles, commercials, voice-overs, demos, LPs, EPs, editing, mastering, songwriting.

Who we are
Sergey Belov
Art Director
Pressmaster Studio was by Sergey Belov. He is responsible for art-direction and main strategy. Sergey has 20 years experience in music business. He was the director at the largest radio station in Russia.
Meet our team
Marina Zakirova
Ildar Ahmetov
Сomposer, guitarist
Ilya Kanunnikov
Composer, pianist
Vlad Kudrin
Composer, guitarist
Dmitry Patrick
Sound engineer, bas-guitarist
Maxim Fedorov
Sound engineer, guitarist
Konstantin Shcheglov
Composer, pianist
Contact us:
Office 501, Truda st., 82А,
"Pavlovskiy" business-center Chelyabinsk, Russia