Pressmaster Production Studio is a professional production studio created by Dmitriy Shironosov, co-owner of our company and holder of all the proprietary rights.
Pressmaster Production Studio consists of three
stock departments: photography,
footage, and audio productions.
Our studios are located in Russia and Vietnam.
Pressmaster Production Studio was founded in 2007. We began as a distributor of microstock photography. It was the time when there were few similar microstock production studios in the world, and we were the only one in Russia. Our strategy, consisting in creation of qualitative lifestyle images with talents, brought us to TOP level contributors at the market. We grew up from few people to dozens of professionals in our team.
Looking for new opportunities we invested into professional video equipment in 2013. We organized a separate footage production team of art-director, videographers, stylist, producer and assistant. Since then we have been uploading new footages to our portfolio weekly, and it includes more than 6'000 clips now.
In 2015 musicians and sound engineers joined our team. We have built our own sound studio together. Today it is a separate production studio team of Pressmaster who create musical tracks for a mircostock market.

We do our best to concentrate on imagination, quality and customer's needs. We organize shootings every day. It helps us to upload new files to our collections every week.

All our images and footages are model and property released. There is a full time casting manager in Pressmaster team who finds new talents of different ages and nationalities for our database. It helps to keep our collection variable and fresh.

We believe that microstock production is extremely interesting, emotional, funny and very competitive business, where team efforts play a great role.

This track record helps us to hold a strong high position among market contributors and to understand customers' needs better. We are proud of the fact that our photo, video and audio content is highly appreciated by our clients all over the world.
Pressmaster Audio Studio
Enjoy our visual and audio content which will work best for you!
Contact us:
Office 501, Truda st., 82А,
"Pavlovskiy" business-center Chelyabinsk, Russia